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Certificate Programs

HU encourages all individuals, regardless of prior education, to study the remarkably broad fields of Spiritual Healing and Holistic Health with a focus on one of the Special Emphasis Tracks.  The Easy-Access Certificate program provides an opportunity for those individuals who may not have the necessary academic prerequisites to enter a graduate program to study with the same faculty as graduate students and earn a Certificate verifying those studies. 

Certificate Programs

Certificate students are required to select and follow a Special Emphasis Track, which constitutes their selected Program.  In exceptional cases, a student may get authorization from the Dean to enroll under a special free-choice option.  Certificates under this option carry the designation: Certificate in Spiritual Healing and Holistic Health. The Dean is the program Director for the free-choice Certificate Program. 

There are no prerequisites in the Certificate Programs.  After successfully completing all the courses that are required for a Certificate Program students may request that specific Certificate from the Office of the Registrar.  There is a processing and mailing fee for each certificate.

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General Information:  Master's Program - Transfers from the Certificate Program
Easy Access and Certificate Program students who meet the requirements to be admitted to the graduate program at HU may transfer the courses taken in a Program Track directly into the Master's or Combined Master's/Doctoral program at HU.  Students are required to contact the Registrar to initiate a change from Certificate standing to Master's Degree program standing.  A new application is necessary.
(It is advisable to apply for entry into the Master's program within your first 15 credit hours of the Certificate Program.)

Enroll in and Complete: 703-OrP (Orientation and Preparation) and 790-Master’s Essays and Exam (6 credit hours).   Instructors:  Chair and Committee
Students must complete this form to request the Appointment of a Committee of three with one of those persons designated as the Chair.  Students will write four ten-page essays.  Three essays will be based on topics relative to the specialty track curriculum and include an extensive bibliography.  In the fourth essay students integrate the material of the first three essays.

Students then sit for a one-hour oral exam based on the essays, conducted by telephone, and recorded.  The Chair plus two committee members are assigned as Instructors for this final course.  The Chair will supervise the course work and coordinate the committee that conducts the oral examination.  A grade of “B” or better is required for graduation.
NOTE:  The six credit hours of Essays and Exam is a minimum requirement.  Continuous enrollment with a minimum of three hours of Master's Essays each semester is required until all the degree requirements are completely satisfied. Instructors:  Chair and Committee.  In addition to their degrees, Certificate Track Masters and Doctoral students may request certificates in any of the tracks after completing the required courses in that specific track. 
NOTE:  Each course may only be used ONCE towards any certificate.  Students must make suitable substitutions in case of overlap in prior agreement with the Director of the Special Emphasis Track.