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Holos University Graduate Seminary (HU) encourages and assists students in their endeavor to explore the integration of body, mind, and spirit through education, research, and service.  HU commits to support and encourage each individual, thus assisting students to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness, spirituality, and global well-being.

HU recognizes a global need that goes beyond national and continental boundaries and welcomes the participation of all qualified students from any country on the earth.  Students who apply from non-English speaking areas need to have an adequate command of the English language.  There are two distinct application processes for students intending to enter the degree programs and those who are interested in the  certificate programs. 


The Open Enrollment Program at Holos University Graduate Seminary is intended to offer individuals an opportunity to explore the field of Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine by enrolling in general education courses.  It is designed for individuals who are interested in enrolling in one or more courses each semester and receiving a course grade.  For a complete description go to: OPEN ENROLLMENT

Download Open Enrollment Application Form

HU encourages all individuals, regardless of prior education, to study the remarkably broad fields of Spiritual Healing and Holistic Health with a focus on one of the Special Emphasis Tracks.  The Easy-Access Certificate program provides an opportunity for those individuals who may not have the necessary academic prerequisites to enter a graduate program to study with the same faculty as graduate students and earn a Certificate verifying those studies.  For a complete description go to:  CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS

Download a Certificate Program Application

Entering graduate students begin by filling out the admission form on this website as a separate download.  The application requires the following inclusions:

  • An admission application form with all college transcripts;

  • A complete resume or curriculum vitae; two letters of reference; a cover letter; a non-refundable application fee of US $200 or an International Money Order; and

  • Two copies of a recent passport photograph must be submitted for the preparation of a student ID card.  

Upon acceptance to the graduate program, an official letter of acceptance will be sent with an invitation to enroll in the next semester.  Students who have been accepted must enroll in one of the next two enrollment periods; otherwise, they must re-apply for admission.  The orientation class (ORP) for entering students, required for all degree students, is held in September with a Residency and in Spring with Distance Learning.  Semesters at Holos University officially begin mid September and mid March each year.  Students may apply for admission throughout the year.

Requirements for the ThM:  To enter the Master of Theology Program individuals must have earned a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Requirements for the ThD:  To enter the Doctor of Theology program, individuals must have earned a Bachelor and a Master’s degree or the equivalency thereof.

Among equivalencies recognized are:  registered nurses with a Bachelor of Science degree, state license, and at least five years of practice; or licensed health practitioners with a Bachelor’s Degree and five years of professional service.  

Download the Graduate Application Form