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Master's Degree

Students who enroll in a degree program are governed by the set of requirements for completion of the degree in place at the time they enroll.  They can, at any time replace that set of requirements with a subsequent set of requirements (some requirements will change with each enrollment period), but they can not “mix and match” within the original set and the new, substitute set.  Changing to a subsequent set of requirements may add to or subtract from the credit hours required for graduation.  Advisors help students ascertain the consequences of a change from one set of program requirements to another and to subsequently select courses that will fulfill the requirements governing their program of choice.  The Website carries the Programs from the most Current Catalog.

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Candidates for the Master's degree complete a minimum of 36 credit hours by taking 12, three-hour courses or 10 three-hour courses plus the six-hour Thesis or Essays course.  Three options are offered:

1.    The Basic Research Masters with Thesis Program;
2.    The Master's Essays Program; or
3.    The Master's Special Emphasis Track Program with OrP and Master's Essays.

OPTION I:  This Basic Research Master's is made up of core requirements and a selection of electives.  During the completion of required courses, the student requests the appointment of the Chair and Committee.  Following completion of the first 30 credit hours of academic course work, Master's students enroll in 780 - Research and Thesis and enter the full research phase of their Master's program.  This generally requires a “Pilot” research project using a minimum of 12 persons as subjects.  Upon completion of the actual research project and the related thesis manuscript, students sit for a one-hour oral exam, conducted by telephone and recorded.  A grade of “B” or better is required for graduation.
Total Credits: 36 credit hours (minimum) Core Requirements: 24 hours.  Electives: 12 hours

OPTION II. Master's Essays Program:  36 Hours Includes ORP: (Core: 18 Hours, Electives: 18 Hours).
Students complete the required courses of the Basic Master's above (replacing 737 Quantitative Research Methods with another 700 course not on the list).  During the completion of the core requirement courses, the student requests the appointment of the official Chair and two committee members.  Final decisions on electives are based on their relevance to the specific topic.  Beginning in the final semester, students may enroll in 790-Master's Essays and Exam.  This course can be extended for two semesters, enrolling in 3-credit hours each semester.  Toward the end of the second semester, students submit their essays and then sit for a one-hour oral exam based on their essays, conducted by telephone, and recorded.  A grade of “B” or better is required for graduation.  The choice of 790–Master's Essays and Exam is also open to students following a Special Emphasis Track.   See specific Track for details.

OPTION III.  Students complete 30 hours of a specific Special Emphasis Track.  They then complete the degree by successfully completing the 6-credit hour course, 790-Master's Essays and Exam (See Essays and Exam Master's). Five Special Emphasis Tracks are offered:  Integrative Healthcare; Medical and Counseling Intuition; Spiritual Direction; Transformational Psychology; and Holistic Theology.  These Tracks may be used as a special emphasis in all degree programs.  They form the core for the Certificate Program.  


CORE REQUIREMENTS (For Options I and II above)
36 credit hours (minimum)  
(R) Indicates there is a required Residency component, (D) indicates All-Distance Learning.

703-ORP (R)  Fall
715-Ethics: Theory and Practice
718-Research Literature Review (D)
731-Inner Counselor (R) Fall
727-History of Science (D)
737-Quantitative Research Methods (D) Required for those taking 780-Research/Thesis
757-Holistic Theology (D) or 752 Mysticism - Ancient to New Thought (D)
780-Research and Thesis (D) or
790-Master's Essays and Exam (D)

PLUS ELECTIVES (For Options I and II above)  See list of electives in Course Descriptions.

For more information, download the catalog Here, or request a bound copy from the registrar.  Allow ten days for delivery.

Telephone: 888-272-6109
Email: registrar_marilyn@holosuniversity.org