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Post Doctoral Fellowship

HU offers a Post-Doctoral Fellowship Certificate that is open to anyone with a doctorate from HU or another acceptable University.  It is intended to serve as an opportunity for graduates to engage in an area of interest and to deepen their knowledge and expertise in a specific field.  It consists of 15 credit-hours chosen from any ONE of the Special Emphasis Tracks.  Required courses in the emphasis that were completed during the HU ThD course work may not be repeated, substitutions will be worked out instead.  Students who have completed some of the required emphasis courses during their ThD program may transfer any of the required hours that exceeded the requirements of the ThD (other than 998: Dissertation) to the Post-Doctoral Fellowship.  If the transferred courses, plus the new courses, do not add up to the minimum fifteen-hour requirement, then other electives will need to be chosen to fulfill the fifteen hour requirement.  The Director of the Special Emphasis Track will act as the academic advisor.  Electives will be chosen in consultation with the Director.  Upon completion of the Post-Doctorate requirements, the student will receive a Fellowship Certificate from HU, designating the Special Emphasis program.  NOTE:  A syllabus for each course is available on the Web at www.HolosUniversity.org .

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